• It is absolutely a freelance membership programfsd and anyone can be a member of it by paying the charges. The Membership is valid for one year only.
  • The discount and offers would be fixed by Business Partner and it may vary time to time as per their policy, however, a fixed dicount would remain through the year.In case of any special offer or announcement during amy special occasion, Privilege Odisha will SMS the details to Members.
  • The Member can only avail the exclusive Discounts, allowed to Privilege Odisha and can not add Business Partner's own business promotion offers.
  • The Offers and Discounts can not be reserved in advance, such as advance booking of rooms, restaurant tables etc. however, if Business Partner agrees to reserve in advance, this is it's own discretion. And the procedure or formalities which to be followed as per the business Partners policy.
  • A booklet will be provided with all details of our Service Provider upon getting membership.
  • This booklet will guide the fixed discount and special offer to be given by service provider along with concerned contact person / address details.
  • Our Customer Care Executive will be available from 10am to 5pm. Any assistance required would be provided therof for smooth marketing.Any dispute hereof, would be mutually resolved. Privilege Odisha will not take and liability of any customer.
  • Produce the card before check-in at Hotel and before ordering the Food at Restaurant to avail the declared discount
  • Discount to avail as agreed by vendor
  • Card valid for one year from issuing date
  • Discounts applicable on the total bill only
  • Service change and Government tax is calculated on the non-discounted price
  • In the event of a lost card, a fee of INR 200 will apply for replacement card
  • The card is not a credit, debit or a charge card and can't be used as such

For any further doubt / clarfication please call - 09337810348

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